Viagra SALE

I recently entered a new relationship and the first bunch of times we tried having sex, my erections were weak - and that's when I COULD get erections. Other times, hard-ons were impossible for me to achieve; the more concerned I grew with that, the more difficult it became to get hard. This being a new relationship with a great woman, I surely didn't want to blow it. I had to do something, and I looked into Viagra. After seeing the doc, I tried 50 mg. Man, talk about power sex! I hadn't been that hard in years. Yeah, it took longer for me to ejaculate, but when I girl sure as hell felt the blast! The feeling of being able to screw her brains out for a very long time with what felt like an iron cock that just wouldn't quit, and then finally ending it all by spraying her with a massive load of hot cum...that feeling was just EPIC. Viagra truly saved my sex life! - Age 29, New York City

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